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All Photos are of Dr. Mastro's Actual Patients.

Atlanta Cosmetic DentistryAn international leader in cosmetic and general dentistry for more than three decades, Dr. David Mastro's patients travel world-wide for his Atlanta cosmetic dentistry and report that he is America's top cosmetic and general dentist. 

A unique cosmetic dentist artisan, Dr. Mastro is legendary for quality dentistry. He has transformed over 55,000 smiles for people from all walks of life.

Member: The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association and numerous other professional organizations.

for finding the Top Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist for YOU

1. Insist on proven reputation, experience, cosmetic dentistry credentials, and see testimonials by the cosmetic dentist's own patients.

2. Ask if cosmetic dentistry photos are NON-retouched and if cosmetic dentistry is performed PERSONALLY by the dentist (not photos from other cosmetic dentistry sources).

3. Look for handcrafted veneers, crowns and other detailed cosmetic dentistry, healthy teeth (no thick, false teeth looks or puffy gums).

4. Know that Dr Mastro personally stays with you from start to finish

5. Consider cosmetic dentistry artistry. Dr. Mastro's veneers are handcrafted - no "machine made" quick-fix veneers.

6. Insist on total dentistry comfort & cosmetic dentistry perfection!

Atlanta is known as a world center for cosmetic dentistry and Dr. Mastro is a trendsetter for international and Atlanta cosmetic dentistry.

The Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist voted "THE DENTIST" by Inside Northside readers, Dr. Mastro's Atlanta cosmetic dentistry experience and honors include teaching cosmetic dentistry for cosmetic dentistry excellence.


Top Dentistry Clinics in Roswell, GA 2015 Congratulations to David M Mastro DDS PC for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Roswell Dentist
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Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist

Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist

After researching cosmetic dentists, I found Dr. Mastro is the best. My smile has never been prettier. Patti
Simmons, Former
Miss Georgia USA
 Dr. Mastro's Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry gave me -as well as my fans- more to smile about! Recording artist, Jamal Willingham,


In our renowned salons and image business, our most beautiful clients had cosmetic dentistry. That's how we learned Dr. Mastro is the top  Atlanta, Georgia, cosmetic dentist of choice. Dr. Mastro is the only cosmetic dentist we recommend. Don & Sylvia Shaw, DASS Salons, Atlanta

Thank you, Dr. Mastro for letting the hand of God work through you. You're the top cosmetic dentist. My smile makeover is truly amazing! John Silvey, Texas  


Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist



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Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry

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